Baby massage

Your baby's first language is one of loving touch.

Having been rocked almost continuously in the mother's womb for many months, babies need loving attention and physical contact more than ever once they're born. Through touch, a baby gains a sense of self-awareness. Massaging your baby regularly will help you become better attuned to her body language and recognising her needs. It's relaxing and above all enjoyable for both of you.

All bodily functions benefit from the massage; it stimulates the blood supply to the skin, strengthens the immune system, stimulates digestion, encourages muscle co-ordination, promotes relaxation and can help your baby to sleep better too. It has been found that babies who are massaged regularly actually grow faster.

For babies suffering from colic, constipation, hyperextension or frequent crying, baby massage can provide great relief. This is particularly the case for premature babies and babies who need to be admitted to hospital soon after birth. Even in hospital you can stimulate your baby's growth and recovery with massage. Polarity massage is especially beneficial for babies being cared for in an incubator.

When can you start?

You can start with baby massage soon after birth. In fact, if you are interested in doing a private course at home you can start when your baby is only 3 weeks old. In any case I advise you to start before your baby begins crawling (generally around 8 to 9 months).

Shantala baby massage

I will teach you how to massage your baby according to the Shantala method. This is a relaxing rhythmic massage from India which has been passed down from mother to daughter for centuries. From time to time I add some bio-release baby massage techniques as well. Both methods are easy to learn. Drawing on my musical abilities I interweave a few appropriate songs with the massage.


What can you expect from a course?

To ensure tranquility and sufficient individual attention, I keep each group to a maximum of 4 mothers (or fathers!) and their baby. It is possible for this group course to be given in your own home too.

The group course consists of 4 lessons of 1½ hours each. Step by step you will learn the techniques required to give your baby a full massage. I use a doll to demonstrate the various techniques. Each lesson focusses on a relevant theme and I try to incorporate any special requests such as colic, crying, swaddling, highly sensitive babies, nutrition, carrying/lifting, and so on.

Finally, skincare and the Tummy tub will be covered during the last lesson. 

A private course consists of 3 lessons of 1½ hours each. Parents can take part in the lessons together and I will tailor the programme entirely to suit your personal wishes. To give you all the peace and quiet you need, I am happy to give these lessons in your own home.

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